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What do I need for my event?
Planning your event can involve lots of decisions, many of which you may know little about at the start. We can help you work out what type of marquee you need and what equipment you will need to put in it - just follow the guidelines below. If in doubt at anytime please contact us where we can talk through your requirements and arrange a site visit if necessary.

Step 1 - Where am I going to put the marquee?
Most of our work is in the Norfolk and Suffolk area although we are prepared to travel further afield if needed. Obviously we may need to charge an additional delivery fee to cover our costs - contact us if you do live further afield and we'll see if we can help.

Ideally you will have a big flat grassed area to position your marquee. If you can, measure the area you would like to use so you know the maximum size of marquee you can accommodate. Undulating,rough or sloping ground is usually ok but worth talking though with us on the implications. Also worth talking to us if the marquee needs to be joined onto a bulding, or if trees or shrubs may be in the way (we have in the past had small trees inside the marquee as an added feature!). Traditional Marquees cannot be put on hardstanding.
If you do not have access to a suitable area here are a list of venues you can hire that we regularly work with where we can put our marquees:-

Chaucer Barn - Gresham, North Norfolk

The Old Rectory, Great Melton, Norwich

Hockwold Hall: Weddings and Events Venue in Norfolk

Apple Blossom Farm

Keteringham Hall, Norwich

Godwick Great Barn

East Ruston Gardens

Mannington & Wolterton Halls

Coldham Hall

Wood Farm Barns, Benacre

Mangreen Hall

Old Vicarage Campsite

Barsham Barns

Step 2 - How big a marquee do I need?
Size is important - you neither want it too big, or you can end up losing the party atmosphere - and obviously one too small could be a problem - but what is the right size?
Use the table below to determine a rough size based on the number of guests you expect to attend

GuestsSuitable sizes of marquee
5030ft x 30ft, 45ft x 30ft
7545ft x 30ft, 60ft x 30ft, 40ft x 40ft
10060ft x 30ft, 60ft x 40ft
12560ft x 40ft, 80ft x 40ft
15080ft x 40ft, 100ft x 40ft
17580ft x 40ft, 100ft x 40ft, 120ft x 40ft
20080ft x 40ft, 100ft x 40ft, 120ft x 40ft
250100ft x 40ft, 120ft x 40ft, 140ft x 40ft
Any sizeBespoke sizes also available to suit your event
The smaller marquees within the above guest number category will be for part seating without much space for the following:-

  • - Stage area Allow a minimum of 6m x 3m of additional space if having a stage
  • - Dance Floor Allow around 6m x 4m for a dance floor area.
  • - Bar If you want a bar you'll need additional space, an area 6m x 3m is typical
  • - Buffet Tables several tables and some surrounding space may be required if you are having a buffet. Again a space 6m x 3m should be sufficient
  • - Chillout area You may to reserve a area for laid back seating
  • - Present Table For a wedding or other celebration, an extra table to hold presents may come in handy
  • - Entrance Porch or Walkway An area to meet and greet your guests, provide shelter from the weather and provide an impressive entrance.
  • - Catering Tent A seperate area or marquee can be handy for the caterers to prepare their food. A 6m x 3m tent is usually a good size for smaller events or 6m x 6m for larger events. Consult with the caterer

    Step 3 - What configuration of marquee do I need?
    ClickHere to see various layout plans and options for all our common sizes of marquee
    Marquee Layout Plans

    Step 4 - What about something to put in the marquee?
    See our range of Marquee Equipment to add all the useful extras to make your event

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